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We know the digital asset market is new, complex, and one of the most difficult investment ecosystems to access. Our team at Stack Funds seek to take the 'guess work' out of manager selection and capital allocation by providing a tailored selection of investment vehicles that have passed our own internal verification process.

We specialize in the creation and distribution of both in-house and third-party asset management funds that are geared towards cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Through extensive due diligence and vetting of crypto asset managers, we select mutual funds that have proven longevity throughout volatile market cycles whilst also continuing to maintain the highest degree of operational safety pertaining to security, compliance and asset storage.

While we are constantly on the search for alpha-generating investment vehicles, our selection process remains strict in what is still a relatively nascent ecosystem. Feel free to subscribe to our mailing list to be notified of any new funds or product offerings from the team at Stack Funds.

Leadership team

Stack Funds is an amalgamation of traditional finance leaders that are passionate about the adoption and speculation of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

Matthew Dibb


Lennard Neo


Board of advisors

John Lin


Su Zhu

Three Arrows

Neale Muston

Ex-Morgan Stanley

Lawrence Green


Michael Green

JP Morgan

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