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Crypto & Metals Fund

Established in 2019, a long/short hedge fund providing access to major cryptocurrencies as well as Gold and Silver.

The fund aims to hedge against volatility in extraordinary circumstances whilst also maintaining BETA exposure to precious metals for diversification.

Status: Closed for subscription

Monthly subscriptions

Long and Short exposure

Available to accredited investors

Liquid Trading Fund

A track-record since late 2018, the fund trades highly liquid cryptocurrencies on a weekly basis and seeks to take advantage of market volatility.

The fund takes a fundamentally thematic approach to asset allocation whilst using a technical approach to risk management.

Status: Open for subscription

Monthly subscriptions

Long and short exposure

Available to accredited investors

Crypto Arbitrage Fund

Established in early 2018, the fund has an extensive track record of consistent returns for investors.

Through multi-exchange arbitrage, market making and basis trading, the strategy aims for market neutral returns in both a boom and bust environment.

Status: Closed for subscription

Monthly subscriptions

Market neutral strategies

Available to accredited investors

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